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Jon Stewart Mocks Lawrence O'Donnell's Angry Interview With A Chair (VIDEO)

This flare for cooking sent O'Donnell, after high school, to work with her sister and brother-in-law who ran a restaurant in Camden. It was there that she met chef Lawrence O'Donnell, a charming Irishman, who swept her off her feet.

Host Lawrence O'Donnell had us on set to discuss ZZ's membership in Dogs Against Romney. ZZ lay quietly at my side, mugging for the camera, as I explained her objections to Mitt Romney driving a car with his dog tied to the roof.

Lawrence O'Donnell & Co. Just Skewered Joe Oliver Over His Alleged Friendship With George Zimmerman In short, Oliver does not really know Zimmerman very well at all and has no business running around telling anyone who will listen that there's no way

On Tuesday night's The Last Word, George Zimmerman friend and former news anchor Joe Oliver finally ran into an interviewer who has been watching the game films, and the result was an epic two segments of television

ThAt was no interview! You guys just wanted to annihilate Joe Oliver. You did yourselves poorly. A little respect goes a long way. Reminded me of the narrow minded folks on Fox. Shame on you! flagged. These blowhards are

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